Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Sweetness Of ‘Ukhwah’


My praise to Allah for giving me the chance to live, to experience the ‘tarbiyah’ that HE had planned for me...Alhamdulillah...I was able to breath, to carry out my duties to HIM, and being able to write a post..

However, today, unlike any other day, I would like to share with you the GIFT that Allah had given me...the gift that I would cherish until the end of my breath..the gift of ‘UKHWAH’.

Before that, I would like to ask you a few questions...(feel free to read and answer them)

Have you ever feel like lost and your friend support you and give help in whichever way they could?

Have you ever come back in the middle of night and your friend willingly come and fetch you?

Have you ever woke up (after coming back from a camp/program), and around you are your friends, falling asleep together with you?

Does your friend willing to sacrifice their food and money for you?

Does your friend willing to defend you in front of other people/teacher/lecturers if they know you are not at fault?

With a feeling of happy and proud..I would say YES to the entire question above.

Ever since I came to the campus, entering PIAH ( a surau in my campus), get myself involved with it, my whole life changed dramatically..(exaggerated a little bit..(^_’). There, becoming the AJK in PIAH, widen my acquaintance; I got to know some new friends and seniors that contribute to who I have become today.( My praise to Allah, for giving me the chance to experience the friendship, the brand new Ukhwah. ) Being friends with my seniors and new friends from PIAH is different as we become friends with AQIDAH as our ‘landasan’, Islam as our goal.

When you become friends because of Allah, you will love them because of Allah and Allah would help to ensure the bind of ‘UKHWAH’. That is because when you are in need of them, they would not disappoint you. They will help show you the way when you are in lost, support and give you advice to direct you to Allah. They would also care and worried about you when you came back in the middle of night, that they are willing to sacrifice their sleep and rest to fetch you. They also would not complain feeling tired when you are working together as your goal is the same which is ISLAM.

When you have set your heart to be friends with someone because of ALLAH, with one Aqidah, insya’Allah ..Allah would treasure the UKHWAH. (That is what WE ALL HOPED for..(^^).


Hopefully you will find the sweetness of ukhwah that I’m talking about..(^_^)