Monday, December 19, 2011

Process of Learning

In the name of Allah, Rabbul Izzati. Alhamdulillah, I’m able to write another post today due to Allah’s Mercy. Thank you Allah for giving me the chance to breathe, to perform my duty to YOU.. Alhamdulillah..

On my post today, I would like to share something with you ‘something’ that I have learnt these past few days. Hope you will be ‘blown away’ by it.. (sorry if my words are bit harsh..)

Learning is an ongoing process. It doesn’t matter what age you are, whether you are 2 , 7, 13 ,20, 50, or even 90 years old, the process would still happen. You should never give up in learning something. Even though, you are already know the knowledge, it never hurt to learn it again, as we are all human being, we need to be constantly reminded. If we look carefully into the meaning of human in Arab, it means forgetful. Thus, it shows that as a human being, we should never felt tired of leaning something although its the same one.

As for me..these past few days have thought me lots of things that I would not forget for my entire life. It change me, awake me from my ‘sleep’. These past few days have make me realise that my whole life actually depending on Allah..that I am NOTHING. Although it is a bit harsh to bear but it’s the truth...

WAIT...I want to rephrase my sentence..

It’s not only me but everyone and everything in this world actually depend solely on Allah. Without Allah, there won’t be us, the so-call human race, and the grass that we step on, the beach, the sun, the earth, the planet or even the universe. We are all at HIS Mercy.

Why do I say so?

Whether you are Christians, Buddhist, or any other religion in the world, you have to know that Allah is the ONLY GOD there is. I’m not saying this because I’m Islam on contrary its because it is the FACT. The fact is Allah created all human being, HE created the planets, the universe, heaven, and hell.

If you have a hard time in digesting what I’m saying..Let’s put it aside for awhile ok..

Just try to read and digest the post below first,

Have you ever ride a plane before? Don’t you think whoever built the aeroplane is genius. Aeroplanes help us to go to various places/countries in short period of time. Thus, the person must be very smart to be able to create the aeroplane. Don’t you think so?

Where do you think the person got the idea? Even a kid would say, the aeroplane looks like a bird. Yes, it is true..the design of the aeroplane was based from the structure of the bird. If you don’t believe me, you could ask the architect .. the structure of the bird is what inspire the person who built the aeroplane..then don’t you think the one that created the bird deserves the credit..?? Where or what the birds comes from? Does anyone have the answer? I know it comes from an egg..but the originality of the birds? Does anyone know the answer?

I DO…I DO...

It’s none other than ALLAH..The CREATOR of the whole universe. If you DON’T BELIEVE ME…how else you would explain the existence of the bird?? You could not say the bird exist automatically…it does not seem to be realistic at all.

Could the KL TWIN TOWER *puff* exist from nowhere?
Could KFC be served in front of you without someone making it?
Could you pass your EXAM, just by staring at the paper?

The answer for the entire question is....NO...

I believe that you could think rationally of what I have post above. You could not run from it. It’s your ‘fitrah’, our ‘fitrah’ , as human being, wanting to find our creator, our God, Allah.

You must be wondering, how does this 'aeroplane', 'bird' have anything to do with the process of learning..? Right? Actually, it is related. Most of us, including me, myself thought that I know/ understand Islam but in reality, I, WE are far from it..

We have to realise that life is an ongoing process of learning. We should never think the 'ilmu' that we have is sufficient. It's never going to be enough. Allah, the God that created everything is the one that KNOWS everthing.

We, the human being are like a piece of sand in the ocean, significant nothing.

However, it doesn't mean that we should give up! INSTEAD, we should cherish, being thankful to Allah for giving us the chance to live, to perform our Duty to Him..and more importanly, we should feel very lucky as we have the chance to learn, to get to know of Allah more..

Don't you think so?

So, my advice to you..and myself.. Don’t stop learning; don’t stop finding Allah, HIS Mardhotillah.