Sunday, May 15, 2011

'The Fruit Seller'

Assalammualaikum Warahmatullah

In the name of Allah, Rabbul Izzati


The fruit seller : Assalammualaikum...
Customer : Waalaikummusalam
The fruit seller : Would you like to buy some fruits?”
Customer : Ermm.....
The fruit seller : “May I suggest the BANANAS”
Customer : “But..I never taste it before, is it tasty?”
The fruit seller : “ is. You won’t regret it. Bananas have lots of nutrition. It also good for your health”
Customer : I don’t think I like it. Do you have other choices?
The fruit seller : Well, you won’t know until you try it. Try and have a look. The colour of the fruit –yellowish, already tells you that the fruit is fresh.
Customer : I don't know.. I'm still searching for the ones that suits me(taste)
The fruit seller : about you buy some to try it first, who knows, maybe you would come to love the fruits.
The customer : I think you're right. Ok..I'll buy some of the bananas.

This story tells about the fruit seller whom is trying to sell his fruit, specifically, the bananas since he planted it. The fruit seller promotes the bananas exclusively leaving out the rest of the fruits. The customer, does not have clear view of the real situation is , started being influenced by the fruit seller. Later, the customer bought the bananas although she desires for different fruit.


The fruit seller should not do that instead they should tell the customer the uniqueness of each of the fruits and let the customer pick out the fruits that suits their taste. The fruit seller should gives the information-of all the fruits, without being biased and give the customer the chance to make their own decision.

As for the customer, she should be firm on her feet (decision) to not buy the bananas and choose her favourite fruits. Or at least, she could try and have a look at different fruits that the fruit seller sells. This implies on all of us. We should try to be a smart customer. We have to be careful and be sure not to make any hush decision, take times to analyse the pros and cons of the fruits. (whether you like it or not, or whether it suits you taste).

In a nutshell, the story above tells the everyday life situation that we have to face in our life. It doesn't have to be the fruit seller. The other situations that you might encounter ; you wanted to choose the course that you want to take or choosing your life partner...or you have to make a decision that will affect your entire life. The situation might be different but the resolution remains the same.

Therefore,as a 'Customer', we need to be able to analyse the situation, think critically and then make a wise decision. The most important thing is,to make sure that we doesn't judge or choose anything that against the principles of Islam and our own will. If we are not sure of something, we could always seek advice and consultation from other person (more knowledgeable and trustable)


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